OpenBazaar Documentation

Welcome to the OpenBazaar documentation portal! The OpenBazaar team hopes this will be a powerful resource for anyone interested in learning more about the project.


Head over to the introduction section for an introduction to the basics of OpenBazaar and a guide to getting up and running.


The guides section has an overview of major concepts in OpenBazaar, guides, and examples demonstrating various ways to use OpenBazaar.

In particular, OpenBazaar is a complex system that aims to change a lot of things about how we use the internet, so it naturally comes with a lot of new concepts. Check the concepts section to learn more about the major architectural pieces of OpenBazaar and about terms and ideas associated with decentralized peer to peer marketplaces.



If you are interacting interacting with a running OpenBazaar server programmatically, you’ll use OpenBazaar’s API. It’s implemented in Golang.

View the API docs

Go Implementation

OpenBazaar is fundamentally a protocol for conducting decentralized commerce on the Internet, but this protocol is informed by a reference implementation in Go.

Note: In the future the OpenBazaar team plans to have a reference implementation in JavaScript as well.

Specifications & Planning

You can find specifications for those protocols, whitepapers, and information about our OBIPs (OpenBazaar Improvement Process) process in the “specifications & planning” section.


Get in touch with other members of the IPFS community who are building tools on top of IPFS or even helping to build IPFS itself! You can ask questions, discuss new ideas, or get support for problems at, but you can also hop on IRC for a quick chat.

See the other links in the community section for more information about meetings, events, apps people are building, and more.

Information about contributing to IPFS and about other software projects in the community are also hosted here.

Get Involved

OpenBazaar is an open-source community project. While OB1 is able to sponsor most of the work around it, much of the design, code, and effort is contributed by volunteers and community members like you. If you’re interested in helping improve OpenBazaar, check the how to help guide to get started.

If you are diving in to contribute new code, make sure you check the contribution guidelines.