Version: 0.12.4


import ""



type OfflineMessagingStorage

type OfflineMessagingStorage interface {
    /* This interface provides a pluggable mechanism for implementing a variety
       of offline message storage solutions. When the app wants to send a message
       to an offline recipient it will call this store function. Implementations
       are expected to store the message somewhere accessible to the recipient.
       The return should be a `Multiadddr` of the storage location. Upon receiving
       the response to this function a `Pointer` to the location of the message
       will be placed in the DHT using the recipient's peer ID as the key.

       Some storage possibilities include:
       IPFS Seeding -> assumes this node remains online all the time
       Dropbox -> go dropbox drivers are available
       Custom Options -> create your own free or paid service.

       Note all messages are encrypted before passed in here. */
    Store(peerID peer.ID, ciphertext []byte) (ma.Multiaddr, error)

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